Friday, May 31, 2013

Change is Good

Personal Note from Maggie to my givingadvice community & followers:

You are reading this message today because you have been a loyal member of my community and for that I want to say Thank You. This isn't the colorful blogpost I typically do because things are changing up a bit. Actually, after 8 years, my entire company and website are being re-branded, revised, and re-engineered to bring new opportunities to serve clients in a bigger way.  To fill you in, back in the summer, I decided to begin the process of selling my current domain names (I own all givingadvice domains) and blog.  Givingadvice has served me well over the years, but I am ready to step in my 'name' and brand it. It has taken time, blood, sweat and some tears to build my consultancy and it takes courage to change things up.  It is when we move into the place of making big decisions that we grow and move forward.

Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect: and this blog will be released to make way for (me) at, my new blog, and new services will be offered to help grow fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. I remain committed and very passionate about seeing fashion and beauty brands to grow and give back.

In case you didn't know, I also manage ...this has been up for one year.  It only took me 40+ years of long distance running and 17 years of professional fundraising experience to blend the two!  Haha!

I hope you will continue to be a part of my community.  Wishing you well and wild success.
Maggie F. Keenan

Wednesday, April 03, 2013 and Blog are For Sale!

As you may already know, if you follow me on my blog here, is that after 8 years,  I have decided to sell my domain, (plus the others .org, .info, .biz and .net) along with this blog. They both are popular and have strong metrics and appraisal value.  I engaged a super domain broker, Calvin Seymour, of Super Niche, LLC.  Calvin is one of the top domain brokers around and I couldn't have found a better person to work with.

Two weeks ago, he released a recent press release, " announces the availability of premium consulting brands,"  He states,  "Originally a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand philanthropy website and popular blog established by Savannah, GA based Givingadvice, LLC., would make a strong consulting brand for just about anyone in the advice giving business, whether they are a professional psychologist, a lifestyle coach or a financial planning company. The brand has been in use since 2004 and includes all applicable trademark rights and ownership of the Giving Advice blog."

Please catch the full press release here

While GivingAdvice served me in my unique field of brand philanthropy (giving advice on giving), I feel strongly the domains would be an ideal fit for a group counseling network, financial advisors, consumer advocates, a columnist like 'Dear Abby', and even psychic networks.  It would serve anyone or any group who 'gives advice' no matter the topic.

For inquiries, please contact:
Calvin Seymour
Super Niche LLC
+1 601.724.2004 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +1 601.724.2004 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Email Information

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleek Spring Collection

In Savannah today it is 79 degrees and it is only January 31st. This puts me right in the mood to look at Spring Collections. I am loving St. John Knits Sleek Suit and dresses for Spring 2013!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Top 2012 Fashion and Beauty Brands that Give Back

MY TOP BEAUTY BRAND FOR 2012: (Plā) Beauty
(Plā) Beauty founder, Stephanie Green-Bass, inspired by the infinite power of makeup, combined her love of cosmetics and years of industry experience with her lifelong passion to make a difference in the life of a child.  Her company’s tagline is (Plā) Beauty | (Plā) in Life | (Plā) with a Purpose sums up (Plā) Beauty’s social mission. With a strong desire to inspire women and support children, Stephanie created several giving back campaigns.

(Plā) Beauty gives back campaigns include: 

(Plā)2GiveBack is a campaign to empower and recognize truly inspiring women. We all know an amazing woman who has faced adversity, overcome obstacles, and become stronger through her pain. Founder, CEO, and MOM, Stephanie Green Bass has been an amazing role model in using that pain to overcome tough life challenges. Her story has touched the lives and hearts of so many, and we know there are many more like her. (Plā)2GiveBack is our way to hear more about these women, learn from their experiences, and honor them.  

This campaign invited women to submit a brief video sharing their story of a woman who inspired them because she faced adversity, overcome obstacles, and become stronger through her pain. Then an independently formed Board of women and Stephanie selected 15 finalists who would receive a (Plā)DAY of makeover.  Then, one woman among the 15 was given the experience of a lifetime to be the FACE of (Plā) Beauty FALL 2012!!  

All women nominated received a gift from (Plā) Beauty are periodically their stories are shared on the (Plā)2GiveBack page on their website

(Plā)2GiveBack–THE BALM: This campaign gives back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Under this campaign, (Plā) Beauty donates $2 for every unit sold to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hughes Spalding. To learn more about why this campaign is so close to Stephanie Green Bass’s heart click here.

THE BALM is an organic, beeswax lip balm has a smooth, healing texture that contains calendula and sunflower oil to soften those (Plā)ful lips. THE BALM is perfect to fight wintery, dry, chapped lips! • SPF 15-fortified, • Vitamin E-enriched, • Moisture-enhancing organic oils, including rosemary, sunflower, jojoba, orange and lime.

(Plā) Green:  In addition to (Plā) Beauty giving back campaigns, the company is also eco-friendly. “(Plā) Beauty is established as an eco-conscious cosmetic line that uses refillable products and magnetic compacts to cut down on wasteful packaging. Our approach to packaging helps keep the environment clean and healthy by reducing waste. We can be kind to the planet while still looking and feeling great.” 

Like (Plā)2GiveBack and Like (Plā) Beauty on Facebook
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In her own words, “I believe charity = clarity. Through giving back you gain clarity, peacefulness, happiness and balance in your own life”, fashion designer Rachel Roy has built her brand proving that fashion philanthropy is stylish. Rachel Roy’s brand philanthropy message is clear and strong. Through all her campaigns, she assists children and disaster relief and recovery efforts. 

Her initiatives include:  

Heart of Haiti: In the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquakes, Rachel created an opportunity for Haitian artisans to use their talents to make jewelry and other crafts that are brought back to the U.S. and support the earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti. Learn more about Rachel's Haiti efforts here
Orphan Aid Africa: Rachel has partnered with Orphan Aid Africa whose mission is “work to keep families together, send children to school, keep mothers alive and protect children by transforming systems.“ Rachel’s programs help children in Ghana to grow up safe with care and protection.  She does this through various campaigns. She sponsors 21 children in Ghana. In addition, each Holiday season, Rachel and her team hold a book drive and they package and wrap the books for children in Ghana. Lastly, Rachel designed her limited edition Ghana Clutch that supports Orphan Aid Africa children programs. Read more about this effort here
Charity:Water  On her 36th birthday, Rachel launched her own charity:water campaign, asking family, friends and fans to help raise $15,000 that went toward building a well to provide clean water in the Kuya Village of Ethiopia.  

Kindness:  Rachel designed Kindness totes and clutches to provide support for children organizations and relief for victims of natural disasters.  100% of net proceeds of the totes go to support: UNICEF for assistance with Pakistan flood victims and recover efforts, GlobalGiving for Japan’s earthquake victims and the Ghana clutch for Orphan Aid Africa.

Lastly, Rachel stepped up to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. She joined the Fashion for Sandy Relief auctioning off a “Meet Rachel Roy experience, complete with a personal styling.” She also donated a percentage of Rachel Ray merchandise proceeds to the American Red Cross. Furthermore, Rachel created a Hurricane Sandy page on her website to direct customers to various organizations supporting victims of the disaster.
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Elie Tahari, partnership with Action Against Hunger

Bono, founder of Edun fashion company and  Renzo Rosso founder of Deisel designs partner for Edun+Deisel to source, produce and generate sustainable trade — and, hence, development — in Africa.

Skinny Girl Cocktails partners with Dress for Success


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